Snack Bar Schedule

2021 Snack Bar Schedule

Day Date Time Player Name Team
Tues 13-Apr 6:30-8:30pm Acunto, Anthony Major Tigers
    6:30-8:30pm Adamides, Lily Softball AA Crimson Tide
Wed  14-Apr 6:30-8:30pm Advani, Karina Softball Juniors
    6:30-8:30pm Agostini, Camille Softball AA Tigers
Thurs 15-Apr 6:30pm-8:30pm Auletta, Ava AAA Tigers
    6:30pm-8:30pm Ax, Lillian Softball Major Tigers
Fri 16-Apr 6pm-8pm Beaudette, James Major Tigers
    6pm-8pm Belz, Joseph Minor Mets
    8pm-10pm Benesch, Jack Major Yankees
    8pm-10pm Bini, Owen AAA Mets
Sat 17-Apr 9am-11am Boyle, Molly Softball AA Tigers
    9am-11am Brady, Jack Minor Nationals
    11am-1pm Brazil, Maeve Softball AA Wildcats
    11am-1pm Brown, Mason AAA Nationals
    1pm-3pm Buckley, Joseph Major Nationals
    1pm-3pm Bulzomi, Derek Major Tigers
    3pm-5pm Camerlingo, Grace Softball Juniors
    3pm-5pm Cannella, Greyson Minor Athletics
Tues 20-Apr 6:30-8:30pm Cappuccilli, Joseph Minor Mets
    6:30-8:30pm Chang, Luke AAA Nationals
Wed 21-Apr 5:45pm-7:45pm Chen, Bryan AAA Mets
    5:45pm-7:45pm Churaman, Bhuvanesh Minor Mets
    8pm-10pm Cintron, Joseph Minor Mets
    8pm-10pm Clersainville, Maliyah Softball Aggies
Thurs 22-Apr 6:30-8:30pm Colucci, Jacob AAA Yankees
    6:30-8:30pm Concepcion, Elias AAA Nationals
Fri 23-Apr 6pm-8pm Concepcion, Ethan AAA Tigers
    6pm-8pm Conner, Robert Major Nationals
    8pm-10pm Cotter-Hall, Caleb AAA Nationals
    8pm-10pm Crowe, Aidan Major Mets
Sat 24-Apr 9am-11am Cunningham, Liam Major Mets
    9am-11am Curti, Mason AAA Yankees
    11am-1pm D'Auria, Angelina Softball Major Tigers
    11am-1pm DeForest, Liam AAA Mets
    1pm-3pm Delaney, Charlotte Softball Major Tigers
    1pm-3pm Delavega, Anthony Major Yankees
    3pm-5pm Dellagreca, Brandon Major Yankees
    3pm-5pm Dello Russo, Ava Softball AA Wildcats
Tues 27-Apr 6:30-8:30pm Dellorusso, Giada Softball Juniors
    6:30-8:30pm Donohue, William AAA Nationals
Wed 28-Apr 5:45pm-7:45pm Doremus, Lily Softball Major Tigers
    5:45pm-7:45pm Dudek, Kyle Major Mets
    8pm-10pm Duffy, Shea Major Mets
    8pm-10pm Dunne, Conor Minor Athletics
Thurs 29-Apr 6:30-8:30pm Durfee, Mallory Softball AA Tigers
    6:30-8:30pm Eliazo, Riley Softball Aggies
Fri 30-Apr 6pm-8pm Esteban-Giraldi, Jean AAA Yankees
    6pm-8pm Feeney, Ryan AAA Nationals
    8pm-10pm Fenlon, Kate Softball Juniors
    8pm-10pm Formosa, Antonio Minor Yankees
Sat 1-May 9am-11am Foxton, Juliana Softball Aggies
    9am-11am Garcia, Nicholas AAA Mets
    11am-1pm Garramone, Michael AAA Mets
    11am-1pm Golden, Ryan AAA Yankees
    1pm-3pm Gottlieb, Raina Softball Major Tigers
    1pm-3pm Grabush, Ethan AAA Nationals
    3pm-5pm Greenan, Jack Minor Mets
    3pm-5pm Greenbush, Trevor Major Nationals
Tues 4-May 6:30-8:30pm Guglielmo, Kristin Softball Major Tigers
    6:30-8:30pm Guzman, Rio Major Mets
Wed 5-May 5:45pm-7:45pm Haber, Brody AAA Tigers
    5:45pm-7:45pm Hallinan, Brendan AAA Tigers
    8pm-10pm Hartney, Fiona Softball AA Crimson Tide
    8pm-10pm Haugh, Joseph Major Mets
Thurs 6-May 6:30-8:30pm Heanue, Christian Major Nationals
    6:30-8:30pm Hoffman, Grayson Major Yankees
Fri 7-May 6pm-8pm Hogan, Jack AAA Mets
    6pm-8pm Ingram, Ryan AAA Nationals
    8pm-10pm Jilleba, Nicholas Major Tigers
    8pm-10pm Jimenez-Ortiz, Brandon Major Nationals
Sat 8-May 11am-1pm Kaweblum, Michael Major Nationals
    11am-1pm Kent, Andrew Major Yankees
    1pm-3pm Kersh, Isabella Softball AA Crimson Tide
    1pm-3pm King-McDonough, Devlynn Softball Juniors
    3pm-5pm Koester, Christopher AAA Tigers
    3pm-5pm Koshy, Nicholas AAA Mets
Tues 11-May 6:30-8:30pm Lagana, John Major Yankees
    6:30-8:30pm Lagana, John AAA Mets
Wed 12-May 6:30-8:30pm Leino, Logan AAA Nationals
    6:30-8:30pm Lent, Cassidy Softball AA Crimson Tide
Thurs 13-May 5:45pm-7:45pm Lipson, Elena Softball Major Tigers
    5:45pm-7:45pm Long, Andrew Major Tigers
    8pm-10pm Lorino, Asimina Softball Aggies
    8pm-10pm Lynch, Michael AAA Yankees
Fri 14-May 6pm-8pm Macchio, Nicholas AAA Yankees
    6pm-8pm Mandio, Nicholas Major Mets
    8pm-10pm Mangan, Summer Softball AA Tigers
    8pm-10pm Manganiello, Joseph AAA Mets
Sat 15-May 9am-11am Maraia, Anthony Major Tigers
    9am-11am Martinez, Ayden Minor Athletics
    11am-1pm Martinez, Lucas AAA Yankees
    11am-1pm Martini, Logan Minor Nationals
    1pm-3pm Masi, Harper Softball AA Wildcats
    1pm-3pm McCarthy, Conor Minor Athletics
    3pm-5pm McDermott, Cole Minor Yankees
    3pm-5pm McDermott, Sarah Softball Juniors
Tues 18-May 6:30-8:30pm McGroarty, Liam AAA Mets
    6:30-8:30pm McHenry, Ian AAA Yankees
Wed 19-May 5:45pm-7:45pm McPhee, Megan Softball Juniors
    5:45pm-7:45pm Medaglia, Madison Softball AA Tigers
    8pm-10pm Migdol, Ethan Major Mets
    8pm-10pm Minor, Garrett AAA Nationals
Thurs 20-May 6:30-8:30pm Mullins, Sofia Softball Aggies
    6:30-8:30pm Nally, John AAA Yankees
Fri 21-May 6pm-8pm Norton, Emily Softball Juniors
    6pm-8pm O'Sullivan, Nia Softball Aggies
    8pm-10pm Ottomanelli, Joseph Major Nationals
    8pm-10pm Palladino, Sebastian Major Mets
Sat 22-May 9am-11am Passman, Alexander AAA Yankees
    9am-11am Perry, Brian Minor Athletics
    11am-1pm Petrocelli, Joseph Major Tigers
    11am-1pm Philip, Jacob Minor Yankees
    1pm-3pm Piccininni, Marina Softball Juniors
    1pm-3pm Plate, Liam Minor Athletics
    3pm-5pm Puliafico, Anthony AAA Nationals
    3pm-5pm Rand, Juliana Softball Juniors
Tues 25-May 6:30-8:30pm Reim, Benjamin Major Yankees
    6:30-8:30pm Reyes, Liam Minor Yankees
Wed 26-May 5:45pm-7:45pm Reynolds, Hannah Softball AA Crimson Tide
    5:45pm-7:45pm Richardson, Alexandra Softball AA Tigers
    8pm-10pm Ricucci, Domenick AAA Tigers
    8pm-10pm Robbins, Eli Minor Nationals
Thurs 27-May 6:30-8:30pm Roche, Colleen Softball Major Tigers
    6:30-8:30pm Rodriguez, Anthony Major Yankees
Fri 28-May 6pm-8pm Rosado, Justin Minor Athletics
    6pm-8pm Rosario, Eama Softball Major Tigers
    8pm-10pm Rosario, Justin Minor Nationals
    8pm-10pm Rossini, Maria Softball Aggies
Tues 1-Jun 6:30-8:30pm Ruszkowski, Brooke Softball AA Tigers
    6:30-8:30pm Ryan, Jack Minor Yankees
Wed 2-Jun 5:45pm-7:45pm Sagarbarria, Ava Softball Major Tigers
    5:45pm-7:45pm Sandoval, Leonardo Minor Mets
    8pm-10pm Saunders, Kendall Softball AA Wildcats
    8pm-10pm Schlette, Blake Minor Mets
Thurs 3-Jun 5:45pm-7:45pm Schumacher, Kyle AAA Tigers
    5:45pm-7:45pm Scull, Jacob AAA Yankees
    8pm-10pm Seifert, Isabella Softball Aggies
    8pm-10pm Sharples, Joseph Major Nationals
Fri 4-Jun 6pm-8pm Sini, Landon Minor Mets
    6pm-8pm Smith, Maxwell Major Nationals
    8pm-10pm Speckenbach, Nicholas Major Yankees
    8pm-10pm Sprague, Ryan Minor Yankees
Sat 5-Jun 11am-1pm Stefanovich, Nicholas AAA Tigers
    11am-1pm Stern, Grayson Minor Yankees
    1pm-3pm Sullivan, Patrick Major Nationals
    1pm-3pm Tarangelo, Anna Softball Major Tigers
    3pm-5pm Theofanides, Ilan AAA Yankees
    3pm-5pm Tombari, Alexander Minor Yankees
  TBA   Trust, Peter AAA Tigers
  TBA   Tsekouras, John AAA Tigers
  TBA   Ulrich, Gillian Softball Juniors
  TBA   Vecchiarello, Sophia Softball Major Tigers
  TBA   Walsh, Lucas AAA Nationals
  TBA   Washington, Emma Softball AA Wildcats
  TBA   Weaver, Roger Major Mets
  TBA   Williams, Brandon Minor Yankees
  TBA   Willson, Lucas Minor Athletics
  TBA   Wray, Madison Softball Major Tigers
  TBA   Zamprelli, Kyla Softball Major Tigers

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